Trump mixes up 401ks with basic kitchen solvent, shames Americans

January 14, 2020


Ever since President Donald Trump took office, the stock market has shot up, predominantly supercharged by the massive corporate tax cut he pushed through early in his presidency.

Trump has often touted the stock market as indicative of both the overall health of the American economy and to claim hes helped improve the lives of all Americans.

However, over half of Americans dont own stocks and havent felt any benefit from this. Stocks are owned by the well-to-do, and the well-to-do are reaping the benefits. Take this tweet from Trump today.

Stock market at all-time high! How are your 409ks doing? he tweeted Thursday morning in all-caps. Only 50% up! What are you doing wrong?

Forget for a second the fact that Trump botched the difference between a 401k and a basic household cleaner (401k is an investment, 409 scrubs stoves): Over 50% of Americans dont have access to a 401k and no plan for retirement. And if youre one of the rich who hasnt gotten as rich as everyone else, the president is functionally saying: What the hell is wrong with you?

But also 409.

The gaffe was quickly mocked on Twitter.