Tucker Carlson Pushes Putins BS 5G Network Conspiracy Theory, Gets Shut Down by Fox Doc
May 29, 2019

Fox News host Tucker Carlson devoted part of his show Tuesday to scaring Americans about possible health risks in 5G mobile technology, picking up a Russian disinformation thread pushed heavily on the RT network.

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Chinese gene-editing scientist defends his research, raises possibility of third baby
December 23, 2018

Hong Kong (CNN)The Chinese scientist who sparked an international outcry after alleging to have helped create the world’s first genetically edited babies has raised the possibility of a third child being born, after announcing that a separate woman was Continue reading

Due to wildfires, California now has the most polluted cities in the world
December 10, 2018

(CNN)Due to the wildfires raging in Northern California, San Francisco, Stockton and Sacramento were the world’s three “most polluted cities” on Friday morning, according to Berkeley Earth, a nonprofit that aggregates data from air-quality monitoring sites.

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Climate change is already here, and heat waves are having the biggest effect, report says
November 29, 2018

(CNN)Climate change is here and affecting our health, with extreme heat in particular also having effects on productivity, food supply and disease transmission, a new global report finds.

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