Hack the avocado with these awesome tools

July 1, 2018

The Instagram influencer of fruits, the avocado has captured millennial hearts — while keeping those hearts healthy, thanks to monounsaturated oleic acid. Avocados can level-up your toast, infuse your smoothies with protein and satisfying texture, and serve as the central component of the most perfect appetizer on the planet, guacamole. 

But sometimes the prep work of your favorite fruit can seem like the pits. Fear not: We’ve curated the best kitchen tools to fuel your avocado obsession. All you have to do is click on the shopping tags in the shoppable images below to shop eBay’s top rated sellers offering instant gratification with the Buy It Now option. Ready to get your guac on? Tortilla chips sold separately.

Slice it

As long as you’re armed with the proper tools, you’ll win every battle with your avocado’s stubborn shell and pit. The Avocado Slicer, Pitter, Scooper Remover 3-in-1 Multi-Tool lives up to its name, helping you de-pit with a fluid twist of the wrist and slice without concern for wandering thumbs. It’s even dishwasher safe! 

Save it

So, now you’ve mastered avocado preparation, you’ve eaten all that you can, and you’re stuffed to the brim — but somehow, you still have half of a delicious ‘cado left. How do you save the rest? The Avocado Saver creates a snug fit over any partial avocado to seal out the air, which is the pesky cause of oxidation — in other words, browning — of the fruit’s vibrant green flesh. You can even customize this gadget to your avocado’s shape with the handy extendable pit pocket.

Grow it


If you did happen to save that pit, you can use it to grow your own avocados at home — talk about serious return on investment! Just place the pit into the AvoSeedo and water accordingly. This small plastic gadget increases the success rate of germination, and before you know it, you could be running an avocado farm out of your 2×2 foot fire escape.

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