11 dumb things you could buy for $999 instead of the iPhone X

October 3, 2017

Image: (Photo by Qi Heng/VCG via Getty Images)

Well, of course the internet had a field day with Apple’s new iPhone X after it was revealed to have a starting price of $999.  

Yep, $999, and that’s just for the starting version. Be prepared to part with one of your beloved kidneys if you want that 256gb version, which starts at a whopping $1,149. 

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Online, of course, this led to a new math-driven meme, which points out all the (mostly ridiculous) things you could buy for $999 instead of the iPhone X. It turns out it’s a lot.

We may just talk you out of shelling out for that shiny new future phone after this.

Here are 11 things you could buy for the price of an iPhone X;

1. For example, movie buffs could invest in 83 copies of Shrek the Third.

Image: Via reddit user lpswitch35

2. Willing to chip in an extra $52? You could get the entire Texas Roadhouse menu.

3. Even the Cracker Barrel menu is up for grabs—no modifications necessary!

Image: Via Reddit user itsnotGriffin

4. 43 pairs of Lighting McQueen shoes seems like a reasonable investment.

Image: Via Me.Me

5. You can never really have “too much” toilet paper.

Image: Via Me.Me

6.  That’s a lot of eggs, hopefully they don’t crack like an iPhone screen. 

7. That is a lot of garlic bread and a lot of carbs.

Image: Via Me.Me

8. Chicken lovers around the world rejoice, the iPhone is worth a lot of KFC. 

Image: via Knowyourmeme

9.  There is nothing more valuable than friendship. 

Image: Via Me.Me

10. I’m surprised you could only get 18 hoodies for this price. 

Image: Via Knowyourmeme

11. If your idea of fun is jumping around piles of leaves this makes perfect sense.

Image: Via Knowyourmeme

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